Ever wish you could just find the art your're actually interested in instead of having to browse through pages upon pages of my long-winded and rather wordy writing? Your wish has been granted!

(But seriously though...It wouldn't kill you to read through that stuff once in a while- Just sayin').

Recycling Memories

Giratina: Origin Form

Purple Peacock

What Time is it?!?

Tattoo-inspired Ink Design


I Scream...

Breaking Blogger Conventions

Conspiracy Theory

It's a Jungle Out There

Princess Sally

The Gray Jinjo House


Espio the Chameleon

Retro Nostalgia

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Enter Sandman

Hershey the Cat


Happy Father's Day!

The Champ Is Here

Majora's Mask

Catching Up

Fantasy Character Portrait

Dragon Sketch

***NOTE*** This is a limited list as of the moment. I'll be adding the rest ASAP. Once I've finished adding everything, I'll organize this heap of thumbnails and links into some sort of recognizable order. Hang tight, everybody!! :D


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