June 19, 2013

What Time is It...?!?

...Pizza Time! 

Originally drawn as a T-shirt design, this digital artwork brings together two of my favorite animated franchises. And I had so much fun working on it! 

This blog has seen some drastic changes quite recently, such as the overall layout and template design and even the blog name. Graphite Butterflies was always a temporary work in progress title, but somehow it had stuck. As an artist I go by the name Krystal Dawn, which is my real first and middle name.

There is much work yet to do! 

Enjoy, and feel free to comment, ask questions, and leave feedback!
NOTE: I seem to have lost my original, completely edited artwork file. So this one will have to do for now. Please bear with me as I work to correct this problem.

-Krystal Dawn

Facebook: Krystal Dawn
Twitter: KrystalDawnArt
DeviantART: kekei94


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