Why, hello there! And welcome, welcome, WELCOME to my fabulous little art blog!

Perhaps you followed a link from one of my social networking accounts, or perhaps you've wondered across this page somehow by means of the Google machine. Whatever your story, and whatever your interests, please, feel free to take a look around. Sit back, make yourself at home. And allow me introduce myself:

My name is Krystal Dawn. I'm a growing artist, avid gamer, and nerdy comics enthusiast to boot.

I created this blog a while back as something of a hobby. I thought it would look real snazzy on college and scholarship applications, y'know? But its grown to mean something a little more to me than just some words on a webpage, and a link on an online profile.

Here I document my experiences in the world of art, new projects, ideas, techniques, inspirations, and whatever else strikes my fancy. 

If you're browsing my blog, feel free to check out the labels on the right hand side of the screen to quickly link to art that interests you. Also on the right hand side are links to my Twitter, Facebook, and DeviantART accounts, as well as a list of websites I've found interesting or useful as an artist, and a list of my most popular posts.

Check out the tabs at the top of the page to see my commission info page, or read more about me.

Leave a comment, some feedback, or rate some of my posts. Subscribe if you'd like, and feel free to visit me again! The site is updated regularly. I can't wait to hear from you!

-Krystal Dawn

Facebook: Krystal Dawn
Twitter: KrystalDawnArt
DeviantART: kekei94


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