February 4, 2011

The Infamously Elusive Mural Design

This was part of the original design me and a few other select students crafted with the intention of eventually  painting the hallway that runs through our high school's commons area. Warrior pride is the theme, but alas we must compromise. As you can see, I try to make things more dramatic then they actually are. Our design was simply a tad too creative. We don't have to start from scratch, however. Knowing what we now know we can start again and find the desired blend of creative innovation and subtlety that is necessary.

When exactly the perfect mural design will be completed is still up in the air. Whether or not it will be painted this year, or perhaps next year as a senior project type deal is still to be seen. Perhaps it could be the premiere project for the art in residence club that the high school was considering to start?

This picture was drawn with a regular number two pencil on scrap paper. I then traced over the graphite with a cheap fine-point sharpie pen.
Special thanks to Shelby, who helped with this project.


Seth_Van said...

That's a very cool drawing Krystal. I think they should use it!

K.D.Van said...

Thank you! I think they should too.

Jessica said...

i love your art krys, you are the best and i love to tell people that, you have to be the coolest sister ever, and for that i love you even more

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