February 5, 2011


Simplicity. Sometimes things don't have to be complicated or intricate to be worth understanding. Sometimes people don't need to explain tiny ideas with big words just so those ideas can be acknowledged. Circumlocution is what it's called when you dance circles around the point so you don't have to admit what you do or don't already know. This picture was wrought with simplicity. I was given several written paragraphs and told to illustrate the scene I envisioned when I read them for a project. That's all there was to it. nothing fancy, or complex. No circumlocution whatsoever.

I was going to share the paragraphs here, but they seem to have gone missing in action. No matter, I shall merely edit this post later on once they are found. The scene depicted three characters sitting around in a circle deep in conversation. One was a dwarf-like creature, another a painfully thin and skeletal "man" and the last seemed like a harbinger of death sort of guy. I added the fire and trees, since their setting's description was neglected and being the artist I'm allowed a creative license.

This unfinished picture was illustrated with a regular number two pencil, as always, and was drawn on some sort of common white scrap paper found in my art class room.


Seth_Van said...

That is a neat looking drawing Krystal. I like the guy on the end. Kind of reminds me of a Jawa from Star Wars.

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