November 4, 2010

Retro Nostalgia

Some people move on quickly, surely, and indefinitely. I, however, am one of those who linger. Being indecisive and slightly passive, I tend to let things go longer than need be. Procrastination some might call it, but that doesn't quite seem to neatly fit into the description of my actions. It's more like second-guessing or being unsure, although neither of those is correct either. More than anything else, I am merely waiting. Waiting for something more to happen, waiting for the inevitable to occur, or simply waiting for the moment when I'll look back to that moment I spent waiting and wonder why that was what I chose to do with it.

 Nothing of this world lasts forever. However, this is a fact that deserves great celebration rather than metaphoric tears. It makes each and every experience unique, important, and incredibly valuable. Would a perfect day be so fantastically free if you lived it perpetually for years? Would a remarkable friendship really be worth saving if it were not constantly threatened by time? Would you really make the most of an unusual opportunity if it came around more than once? 

Often times I reminisce the days when my art had been very different from what it is now. If it had not been for my childhood friends' fascination with Sega video game icon Sonic the Hedgehog, I may have never learned to draw at all. It was through sheer determination and initiative brought on by slight obsessiveness and a desire to learn that brought me to this moment in time, and so brought me to create this quirky fan art piece. It was an old drawing I drew merely to test the inking capabilities of some new fine-tip pens I bought, and ended up running across some time later while going through old sketchbooks. On an unexpected whim I decided the picture would look simply divine colored and, scanning it immediately, I went to work. Making the decision to digitally color this piece, I had to put seemingly endless amounts of frivolous patience into bringing this strange piece to life.



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