September 14, 2013


The first ever installment of my new online web comic "FRIENDZONE": a comedic approach to my life as a  quirky freelance artist, full time gamer, college student "sort of" and all around geek. Don't forget to leave constructive feedback, criticism or suggestions, so that I can improve the next installment!

Facebook: Krystal Dawn
Twitter: KrystalDawnArt
DeviantART: kekei94


Kristian Madere said...

Spelled "untrue" wrong on the 3rd panel but other than that keep up the good work.

Krystal Dawn said...

Aww man...I'll add it to the list with "ridiculously" in the second panel, as a facebook user was so kind to point out. Other than that, thank you! I will definitely do my best.

Abbie Adams said...

How did you make this. Just wondering :)

Krystal Dawn said...

Hey Abbie! The drawings and lines were done in pencil, which I then inked in with pen and scanned onto my computer. Once they were scanned, I added the color digitally with an image manipulation program and added the text. Thanks for asking! :)

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