September 20, 2013

Rose City Comic Con Awaits

What with all of my weekly scheduled blog posts, I haven't had a chance to set aside a little time to just blog for the sake of blogging. Sometimes we need to fulfill that desire of ours to write without knowing what we're to write about before we start. Every now and then, its alright to face the unknown head-on and to tackle uncertainty with our everything. There aren't always rules. So we make our own, and then we break them. That's not a lack of commitment. That is what I call growth.

Early tomorrow morning I'll be heading over to Rose City Comic Con, and I cannot tell you how much pure excitement and adrenaline is pumping through me, more than 12 hours before they even open the doors to admit fans and con goers. This is only the second year of this particular Con, but since last year's was such a success, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a part of history in the making.

You can expect an avalanche of full-scale Comic Con review once I return. I plan on taking lots of pictures, meeting other nerds, browsing miles of comics and experiencing a multitude of fantabulous artwork, so there'll be lots to blog about!

As you may have noticed, there was no DIY or DET post on Wednesday. Why, you may ask? That current segment is being cleaned up, revised, and adjusted to fit my own time frame and personal tastes. I didn't like the direction it was taking, but have already envisioned a new goal. Don't worry: it'll still be a DIY segment, just a different angle or take.

In other news, drafting has begun for the second installment of "FRIENDZONE", and I can't thank you all enough for the all of the views and "likes" on the first piece, which was a visual disaster to say the least. I love it, and it is what it is, but I made so many mistakes that I can't even count them all. I should be making a post discussing what not to do when making a comic. The good part? I learned tons! So the next installment will be much even better than the first. I promise that this time I won't spend extra time checking that I've spelled "misogynistic" correctly and neglect such gems as "ufair" and "rediculous." I've even done a little background study on how to write good jokes and how to incorporate humor into comic strips. I spare no expenses when it comes to giving you all the best I have to possibly give!

And with that, I must bid you all a goodnight. Although, the chances I'll sleep at all are slim. Rose City Comic Con. Perhaps I'll see you there?

With lots of love and anxious excitement,
Krystal Dawn


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