September 9, 2013

Expect Some Changes...Starting Now.

There's a lot to cover today, so let's get right to it! I'll break this post up into several sections which will be titled in bold, so feel free to scroll down to whatever section interests you most.

First of all, if you're a regular, you may have noticed there was already a blog entry posted today. Yes, yes, one of my typical entries. Some philosophical ponderings, some quick anecdotes, and a handful of rhetorical questions.

There were so many recent developments as far as this blog's future and my current state of affairs and whatnot that a much needed update was necessary in order to inform everybody on what's going on, and when.

Three New Segments (Comic book reviews, DIY, and Web comic):
So, without further ado, I'm introducing three new regular segments to this blog that will be ongoing for the near future until I announce otherwise. Each segment will be on a different weekday, breaking up your week into three fabulously interesting and informative parts!

We'll be kicking off the week with "Bargain Bin Comic Book Reviews" on Mondays. I buy tons of cheap comics in bulk-- indies, one-shots, no-names and forgotten friends--read, analyze, and dissect them, then share with you whether its worth the read or better left to collect dust.

Wednesdays belong to the crafty and inquisitive with the new segment,"DIY or Don't Even Try?" The internet is chock full of a vast collection of diy tips and tricks, but nobody's got time to try them all. That's where I come in. I test out and review DIY projects and tips from around the web and rate them in difficulty, cost, and effectiveness, so you can skip the guessing and start saving.

And at last, to finish up the week, we go out with a bang with the launch of my first online comic book web series, "FRIENDZONE"  The first installment, "Gamer Girl," will mark the official debut of the cartoon version of me and the nerdy shenanigans and misadventures of yours truly: female gamer, quirky artist and college student sorta.

Regular blog entries will be posted on whatever days I feel like, in addition to these segments or on days off from segments. These changes are taking place starting today! So look for my first comic book review later this evening.
Crafting and DIYS:
I've taken up crafting and upcycling as regular hobbies, and therefore am going to be sharing my craft projects on here as well. Crafting can be considered an art form, and I try to be as creative and resourceful as possible! You'll notice that several pairs of upcycled earrings are now for sale on ebay if you cick the "Store" tab, and a full post dedicated to just the crafty side of my art will be posted soon.

New Projects:
Apart from the above blog segments, I'm working on two HUGE art projects.

I'm currently designing a large portion of the art for the board game "Tourist Trap" that will be demoed this October at a gaming expo in Corvallis Oregon. I've been working alongside the creator of the game concept, and I'm super excited about the game's progress! You can share your love and support by checking out "Rusted Fox Games" on Facebook and giving the page a "like."

I've also been commissioned to touch up and repaint the designs on several local cemetery headstones, and am both nervous and excited by this bizarre project. Special paint needs to be purchased that won't be affected by the weathers and will strengthen the stone. Lithochrome, its called. I'm still working out the specifics, but it will take a bit more time to figure out how things are going to work. More updates on these developments will be posted soon.

Now, I hope to see you here this evening when my comic book review is posted online!
Lots of love, Krystal Dawn

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