June 28, 2013

Tattoo Inspired Ink Design

I had a really bizarre college class schedule winter term. I had a two hour break in between two of my classes and nowhere to go. My friends were all in class and by the time I walked anywhere worth being I'd have to head right back to get back to school to be in time for class. Besides, its not like I had ample spending money. So what did I do? I pulled out my fresh sketchbook and started doodling to my heart's content.

This was one such drawing.

The starting point of this image was the flower above her head. I sort of worked out from there, the drawing blossoming around this point. Lots of shadows. I love the way the wings came out. Or rather, the lines that suggest wings. Overall, there's an implied circular shape about this piece which I really like. Originally, her hair was gong to be long enough to cover her body entirely, but I liked the shape of her hair the way it was, so opted for heavy shadows instead. The twisted curve of a mouth is somewhat jokeresque and plays up the character's inhuman aspects.

Ink on sketch paper. Some unnamed random fine tip inking implement. Not sharpie, but something similar. It had a very soft finish, little bleed, and went on smooth. I'd like to purchase more of these pens if I could dig up the now dry pen barrel and figure out what brand it was.

-Krystal Dawn

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