June 27, 2013

Giratina: Origin Form

And for your viewing pleasure, legendary pokemon Giratina, in origin form!

Growing up, pokemon played a major role in my life. I was, and so remain, an avid fan of the original pokemon franchise as a whole. And what with the announcement of the next generation of new pokemon with the release of pokemon X and Y, marked for release in October of this year, and the controversy revolving around the  further announcement of the newest pokemon type introduced to the series, its nice to have a little reminder of some of the things Game Freak has done right in the past.

Mixed media: markers and colored pencil on regular copy paper. I really need to invest in some higher value drawing paper. Cold press, or bristol board or something of the like. I'd also new fine tip inking pens. I guess I'll just have to add those to my starving artist shopping list.

In other news, I finished Zaius, the third and final part of my three part Planet of the Apes Portrait series. Next on my to do list, I need to have all three portraits sprayed with fixative so they don't smudge before I get a chance to scan them and have prints made. I'm also considering adding digital manipulations to the drawings, like using layers to create watercolor backgrounds. I think I have a clear idea for a way to add a little more color and overall visual interest to my simple Planet of the Apes portrait series. If all goes well, these might be prints I'll sell as a limited edition, a "Rose City Comic Con Only" type deal. 

I wish you all good luck in your future artistic endeavors!
-Krystal Dawn

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