June 27, 2012

Fantasy Character Portrait

So many of my lovely art pieces must be left at home throughout the course of the school year while I'm away at college...It'll feel rather peculiar to not be able to pull out any old sketch I have a notion to reference the instant that notion strikes. However, its all for the sake of something even greater.

After all, its not goodbye, really. These artworks will go into storage, protected believe it or not from damage or dust, out of sight, and perhaps not entirely out of mind. By setting some of these more mediocre works aside, these sketches, portraits and doodles which aided me in my journey towards satisfactory skill, I can make room for those which are yet to come. With great anticipation do I await the next set of brand new, electrifying artworks that will enable me to further advance my skills and talent.

This is an older portrait of an original character I devised quite some time ago. You see, a lot of my characters are simply reinvented in my artwork much more frequently than new characters are invented. Once a portrait such as this is complete I can assess the essence of the piece and decide for myself whether it seems familiar or strange (often times both). This character has no name, but is illustrated here as a sort of creature that is plant-like in nature. Her hair is made to appear as flower petals, and her skin is thin and clear, like a plant membrane. Although this image doesn't show it, she also has wings that are actually extravagantly sized autumn leaves. The eyelash decal are sort of a standard signature of mine when drawing specific female portraits.

New art is coming soon, whether it be tomorrow, Friday, or perhaps sometime next week. Mainly the time this art is posted will depend on my motivation during the next few days.

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