June 26, 2012

Dragon Sketch

Strange as it may sound, some of my favorite artworks I devised while doodling in the margin of school notebooks while taking notes. Here is one of those such favorite drawings.

I simply came up with this design as I went along; I began with the exaggerated curve of his upper eyelid and worked valiantly onward throughout the complete decadent spiral that unfolds his serpentine body. I'd love to illustrate a full color version of this drawing in order to emphasize the variance in scale detail and feather design. The wings were exceptionally entertaining to draw, and I love how the face and snout of the dragon came out.

If you were to examine this picture closely (or at all, rather), you would perceive the fact that this picture is not indeed complete, and is actually rather unfinished. You may also notice that this dragon beast was drawn on notebook paper-- every good artist keeps a sketchbook on hand, bu not every one can fight the urge to draw upon whatever paper lay before them or closest at hand when the long-awaited and fabled fabulousness of inspiration strikes. I happen to be one of those artists.

I also happen to be notorious for misplacing my artwork, and recovering it in a damaged state. This tends to happen to my sketches and simple drawings, that is, because I have a tendency to place them in folders where the edges of the paper becomes wrinkled and creased. Tightly packed peachy folders to not make good homes for legitimate artwork-- something to keep in mind.


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