June 6, 2012

Art Class Wrap Up: Mixed Media Collage

People who are familiar with the sort of work I do know that my typical first choice medium when working on an artwork are graphite pencils, especially when working on serious, realistic artworks, such as portraits. 

This aside, I always put vast effort into trying to experience other types or art, experimenting with new mediums and sharpening my skills to the most prevalent they can possible be. In honor of these morals, when my school's art instructor explained the types of projects we'd be focusing on this year in art class, I decidedly made a commitment to push myself to the limits and perform to the best my ability (and time restrictions) would allow.

This is an untitled mixed media project I completed for our class. First and foremost, I want to point out that the images here are exactly that-- photos cut from a magazine. I don't feel that the photos were altered near enough for me to own this artwork in entirety, which is why I consider it mixed media collage practice.This particular collage was made by cutting out carefully selected images in a variety of strategic shapes and patterns, gluing them down in layers with a glossy medium, painting designs over these, and finally adding unique and peculiar textures to add visual interest. The following is an excerpt from the artist statement I wrote regarding this piece, detailing the importance of color within the artwork itself.

"Most of the colors represent feelings themselves as purely as I could procure them. For example, the tinges of green with shades of turquoise and cyan represent euphoria in my mind. Often times, however, people associate greens with tranquility, equality, peace of mind and relaxation. A simple explanation for my deviation is the human experience and a bit of habituation; The flush of tidal waves and sea foam in a Seaside mural, salt heavy in the air, childhood dreams captured in the power of the waves; the vibrant sheen of the cloudless dome of heaven as I walk towards summer from the last day of school, from my past and into tomorrow; the crystalline glow of a sculpted jade dragon, every immaculate scale a small wrench in my artist’s pursuit of whim and fantasy: all these things I remember, and in essence feel, when I look into this shade of green. My euphoria."

I haven't the faintest idea who painted the solemn clown I found and placed near the bottom right hand side of the piece, but I absolutely loved their portrait. I very much so became an instant fan of their artwork and hope their identity doesn't always remain a mystery to me.

I'm in the process of planning some truly original mixed media pieces, crafted entirely from my own personally taken photographs and artworks. If you're interested in seeing me create some more artwork of this vein let me know--an artist always loves feedback.

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