June 24, 2012

Katy Perry Portrait

There  was this fantastic Katy Perry quote I read in a fashion magazine once; when asked what she saw when she opened her closet doors, she replied "A tornado of fabulousness and rainbow colors."  I suspected as much. All joking aside, it is Katy's strange quirks that make her seem so real.

It just happens that this portrait was drawn during the same day that I drew the Taylor Swift portrait that was posted online a few days ago. Overall the drawing is decent, but there are several major setbacks to this illustration. For one thing, the drawing isn't actually that detailed. Most of the details present are located in the varying shades of line that make up the shape of her vintage hairstyle. another flaw is the positioning of her features on her face. Perhaps I simply was too caught up with copying the reference photo to notice the proportions were off quite a bit; by the time i noticed it was too late to redraw her nose or anything else, so I just let it be.

The image cam from a nail polish advertisement I found in a Seventeen magazine. If I'm not mistaken, her hair was blue in the picture, and the daisies were various unnatural colors. It was drawn with graphite on scratch paper, with a q-tip used in place of a tortillion for shading-- the usual set of tools.

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