June 20, 2012

Oregon Game Project Challenge: Concept Art

This past school year I got the chance to directly experience and be a part of OGPC competition. The competition consists of high schools throughout the state designing and completing a fully functional video game as according to a previously designated theme which then competes against the games of other teams. The idea is to encourage students become programmers, designers, and innovators.

I can not express enough how much I enjoyed being a part of this event.

I joined our school's particular team a little late in the year, but still managed to get the position of lead art director after proving I was up for the challenge. Our perspective on the this year's theme ("urban planning") lead us to the creation of a classic tower defense game. Here, I have posted the initial final rough draft (there were worse ones before it), the mid-process color illustration and finally the final product that ultimately was the image used as the "tower" which you were protecting. The image was small enough during game play that we ended up placing the image on the menu screen so that players could appreciate the amount of detail that went into quaint little building.

As concept artist I drafted our menu screen layouts, enemy references, and worked as lead graphic designer as well. Everyone on our team had an important role to play in the completion of our game and worked hard to achieve that goal. It was a lot of fun working side by side with other people who loved video games as much as I do, so much in fact that I hope I get the chance to have such an experience again someday, maybe working in a professional environment.

The lovely photo to the left was taken with the awful camera on my lovely phone.
Would you play a video game I helped design?

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