June 19, 2012

Taylor Swift Portrait

Sometimes things don't go exactly as you plan them to. That's what happened here.

This is a portrait I illustrated last year of Taylor Swift for whichever art class I was taking at the time. It was near the end of the school year, and I had completed little artwork on account of the fact that one of the other students in the class, who was a complete stranger to me earlier that year, and whom by this point I was rather good friends with, consistently helped me distract myself from work.

I remember I was home seriously sick with the flu, and upon beginning to recover, I sat at our kitchen table, reluctant to move out of fear that I may become more sick if I did so. I had some notebooks and paper sitting there, since I was hoping to bully myself into working on homework (much more important than bullying myself into eating, as according to my stomach at the time). What happened instead was that I pulled out the Taylor reference picture I had printed at school earlier that week and began setting my fingers to work. I completed three full portraits during those hours, two of which I admired, one which I hid among my other failed sketches, ashamed.

It doesn't quite look like the image I used to draw her, specifically due to the shading on her jaw, which was peculiar enough in the picture and difficult to exactly replicate. I did the best my ability would allow at the time, which was rather well I feel, considering I was rather ill.

I hope you guys enjoy this Taylor Swift drawing, and will check out my other artwork, as well as the portraits and designs yet to come.


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