June 18, 2012

Comic Book Thumbnail: Page #1

Sometimes it seems that I have to many ideas to even begin to possibly express each and every one, whether through words, writing or my art. Some ideas go only one way; for example, there are ideas that I can simply never put into words, or ideas that I can only explain with precise diction and specific syntax.

The culmination of these artworks were ideas that were difficult to push one way or another. 

Theses illustrations represent a sort of rough comic book thumbnail mock ups. More thought and emotion, effort and ideas went into these four artworks than any person could possibly guess, and yet they are still quite incomplete. I can certainly see detailed colored digital renditions of these images being a guaranteed future endeavor...

This is the first page of four comic book thumbnail concepts. Specifically, this piece is a sort of splash page representing where the title and comic specifics would be (Chapter title, credits, etc.). Look for the other three later this week, or perhaps later this month. I despise repetition, so I may post other artworks in between these so there's a little more variety.

Perhaps one day I'll have the time and discipline to sit down and craft something magnificent. For now, let's just see where today takes me.

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