June 25, 2012


Reoccurring more often than any other type of drawing are my monochromatic, black and white graphite portrait illustrations. While each and every individual artwork presents itself to me with new hardships and difficulties to overcome, as well as the gift of new inspiration, hard-earned skills and precious experience, I sought to change things up in the tiniest bit possible-- I added color.

As you can likely tell, this particular illustration is more comic book inspired, more similar to a line drawing than a photo realistic image. However, every artist must start somewhere. While the drawing of a portrait in color is theoretically the same as drawing it in shades of black and grey, it is so very, very different. the whole color aspect adds a new dimension to the art, adding a new layer of complexity necessary to complete a satisfying final product.

This is an original artwork, based on an old sketch of a girl with two rings in her lip that never made the final cut for public viewing. Her eyelashes were exceptionally fun to draw, and the hair took the longest. I chose to make blue the color of her lips and faux lashes to add a little more excitement to an otherwise fairly standard color illustration.

Hopefully this will be the first of many more color illustrations to be posted online along side my portrait work. I see no reason to not share with my audience the pleasure of seeing this particular style of my art improve over an amount of time. My portraits went from about this level of depth (black and white, albeit) to photo realistic within a time frame of less than a year. Its a matter of how much time and work I put into it, and how many drawings are made in the process.

I hope all of you enjoy this new artwork, and will stick with me as my art style changes and improves over the course of the summer. If you haven't already, like my facebook page "KDVan" to get quick news on new projects and posts. Remember, art isn't just a hobby; its a lifestyle.

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