August 1, 2013

Breaking Casual Blogger Conventions

The fiercest challenge I tend to face within a single day is more often than not one I myself have created: a burden I unwittingly place upon my own weary shoulders. The solution too can be found from within my own person. Its buried deeply, albeit, but its there. And yet, struggle as I may, the concept I'm striving to isolate and clutch, the answer I painstakingly seek, escapes my grasp and eludes my searching fingers and wandering mind, leaving me with resounding questions, infinite impossible paths, and a sense of being overwhelmed to the point where I choose to simply do nothing and cease my searching.

Every time I find myself staring at my blog, I ponder the same relentless question. "What to write?" 

Obviously my topic should revolve around the realm of art, as my artistic endeavors are the reason for this blog's existence, and is likewise what calms the listless unsettling of my spirit. But I am never certain. I am never certain of what my viewers will want to read, of what will entice their attention and interest. I am never certain what is appropriate for what I hope to prune into a well-received, professional blog. I am never certain of what it is that's expected of me.

More and more these thoughts are constantly being mulled over in my mind, befuddling my attempts to straighten my conscience and clear my resolve. As I sat down to craft this particular post, the same tedious thoughts made their presence known. And as they did, realization consumed my very person, like a sheer, decisive fire of hope. What does it matter what others think of how I write my posts or what the writing concerns? What is the point if I don't enjoy the experience? Just as my art is an extension of my self, so should my writing be. 

And why shouldn't it?

After all, writing is another passion of mine, one which too often is shunted sideways and disregarded or considered unnecessary, unbecoming, or of little importance to the goals at hand. So from here on out, I shall give you something to read, whether you appreciate the sentiment or not.

" 'Till Death Do Us Part" An original ink artwork, with a watercolor background. Inspiration for this piece came from several distinct notions and ideals. 

The first being a very real media plague: an ungodly love for the living dead. Zombie lore is all the rage in today's society, and with record setting television shows such as AMC's The Walking Dead on air, its no wonder that reanimated corpses and their accompanying commercialized stories are trending worldwide. 

Both my parents are hardcore horror fans as a rule, so an appreciation for the living dead craze came naturally enough to me. With fantastically gruesome novels such as Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, World War Z and The Zombie Survival Guide to feast my intellectual appetite upon, reading zombie literature became my favorite high school past time. For my writing classes I wrote various zombie apocalypse related fictions, including a comedic take depicting a young man falling victim to a Hannah Montana zombie (So titled "Hannah Montana Forever"; I received quite the applause once I finished reading it aloud to my sophomore classmates) and a macabre take on a Shakespearean love sonnet.

 It was this sonnet which required a visual presentation that years later directly influenced the below image. The sketch for the project that later became my initial draft of this illustration depicted only the bride's hand, and was posed in front of a green background in parody of the the Left For Dead title logo, associated with the video game of the same name produced and developed by Valve/Turtle Rock Studios.

Later the idea came to me to combine the concept of lovers separated by death with real people. Thus, the hands came to represent that of my parents. The overall feel of the image was tweaked towards a bride AND groom, the ring on the bride's finger became my mother's ring. The wedding vow was added to the bottom, placed within a weathered scroll to accompany the articulated picture frame, playing up the vintage wedding feel. Above the quote, the date of my parent's wedding anniversary.

Once the inking was completed, the watercolor background was added digitally.

That I will most likely take on more zombie related art projects in the future is a safe assumption, I'd say. My hope is that I can make room in my schedule to write a decent length blog entry at least once a week, but 2 or 3 times a week if I can mange it. Until next time, yours truly,

Krystal Dawn

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