July 31, 2013

Planet of the Apes: Dr. Zira

My pencil Planet of the Apes portraits received a massive update during the course of the last week or so.

Based on the notion that they needed a bit more color to create some extra excitement, ideas were concocted, concept art produced, backgrounds painted, the original artworks scanned, and the images were then digitally remastered and completely reinvented.

The watercolor background is meant to mirror an image of outer space. I wasn't really going for a literal depiction, but more of an abstract suggestion of such. All of the apes in the series will be orange. Originally I was just going to add a background color coded to the character, but then decided it wasn't quite the effect I wanted. There simply wasn't enough color to achieve the effect I wanted so badly.

I may yet do some further tweaking of this image. I'd like the values in the actual portrait image layer to be darker where there are shadows, but without marking up the lighter areas too badly, or losing detail by changing the contrast drastically. Also, I may as of yet change the font so that inside the text there's no pattern, just a simple blank white expanse. This would make it appear more similar to the original Planet of the Apes logo.

As a side note, I need some new art tape. The Drawing class I took in college required us to purchase nearly $100 worth of art supplies (SO glad I had scholarship money), and the masking tape we were asked to buy isn't very efficient. In fact, every time I use it, it actually damages the paper by tearing up the surface when it comes time to remove it from my sketchbook, scrap paper, or canvas. EVERY time. Its workable, but I still get a tingling of anxiety mixed with my excitement every time I get ready to remove the tape from one of my projects.

Watercolors, graphite, image manipulation program. 

Prints of this and the other two portraits in the series will be made available soon. Until next time!

-Krystal Dawn

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