July 5, 2013

Its a Jungle Out There

Alright! And we're back in business!

Here we have one of my brand new projects. I've been working on several projects at once since the beginning of summer, and will likely continue to do so as we approach fall. There's so much to be done! But on the other hand, I haven't gotten this much accomplished in ages.

I really love how this one turned out. The concept is based on a strange, insect inspired beast buried beneath a labyrinth of wild jungle foliage. Originally two separate art scraps of mine, a simple, straightforward original creature design and an abstract watercolor painting titled "Flytrap", I combined the concepts of both to bring you this unique design.

This is also a fabulous preview of some of the awesome new prints I'll have for sale at Rose City Comic Con. Perhaps I'll see you there?

Mixed media. Watercolor, pens and markers, colored pencil, image manipulation program.

-Krystal Dawn

Facebook: Krystal Dawn
Twitter: KrystalDawnArt
DeviantART: kekei94


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