September 4, 2010

"Who Ya Gonna Call?"

 There are a lot of things a person can devote their life to as far as hobbies go. Collecting franchise merchandise belonging to the Ghostbusters and other nostalgia inducing 80's films just happens to be what my dad chose as his favorite past-time. In fact, just this evening we went to Wal-Mart to buy a binder and card sheets for his newly acquired collection of Ghostbusters2 trading cards before picking up our order at the local Pizza-hut. I don't know anybody else with a pocket-sized  Mini-mate Marty McFly, complete with an orange vest, sitting behind the wheel of a Lego-like Mini-mate Delorean-It even has the tiny license plate identical to its larger counter-part, which reads "OUTATIME".

My dad was the one who came up with the idea of me creating an original Ghostbusters fan art piece, and after hearing all of the ideas he had and listening to him share his opinions on the matter, I knew I had to come up with a design that would do the project he had in mind justice. I went all out on this illustration, making sure the initial design was gold from the beginning. The store-front background and the word "Ghostbusters" being spelled out on the street were last minute decisions of mine, although I'm glad I chose to put them in there.

For my dad who is a HUGE Ghostbuster's fan, I dedicate this picture to you. You are what made this blog happen and its your support and encouragement that has kept me at it. Love you, dad.


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