September 11, 2010

Etched Lines

Imagination feeds the soul. What with all of the creative streams of thought an artist conceives throughout the day, you'd think that their souls tended to be comforted. I've found this assumption completely untrue, as the artist portion of my soul is always hungry, and never satisfied. It seems that once we have a little, we must have more. There is no end to the conquer and destroy behavior that accompanies our delving into the world of art. We are constantly searching, learning, improving, discovering and creating. There is no rest for the wary. 

A by-product of our fanatic obsessiveness includes original artworks and characters that our wayward minds had invented all on our own. My good friend Eachey had often referred to the process of designing a character as "creating life". I have, over time, brought to life an amazingly vast number of characters, whose designs range from the bleakly mundane to the most exotic eccentricities. I tend to draw characters my age, it seems, unless I purposefully set out to not do so. I don't always create human characters either, so it is not entirely uncommon to see many minutely rendered fantastic beasts as well sweet monsters bordering the line between comic style and anime amidst my broad art portfolio.

These are roughly sketched thumbnails portraying just a  few of the characters I've created in the past year. The girl in the flouncy dress I call Zecarii, the wolf or dog-like creature is called Dazzle, and the last is a character I call Zach. Both Zecarii and Zach tiptoe along the fine line I mentioned earlier, that sets comic art apart from anime or manga. All three characters were originally meant to be used in the graphic novel I frequently mention wanting to create- and perhaps they will still be used for that purpose.



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