September 1, 2010

Simply Brilliant

Simplicity is key in this piece. While some might argue that the tightly wrought lines and carefully blended shading suggests the exact opposite, I beg to differ. The fairy's short, cropped hairstyle, complete with various flyaway strands, creates a simple, soft contrast to the common messily swept away up-do. Her wings showcase a very minimal amount of spirals, allowing the stark beauty of contrast to yet again find fulfillment in one of my drawings. Compared to many of the pieces I work on on a regular basis, this drawing almost feels empty, like it needs a little something special, as far as details go, which is highly possible. Details happen to be my favorite thing, however odd that might sound, and it is my personal feeling that a picture doesn't come alive until the details are set in stone. By being set in stone, I don't mean that the details are necessarily obvious. If the artist can see them clearly, even if its only somewhere in their mind alone and nowhere else, the art value of the piece has already been born.

I actually started the initial sketch for this drawing almost two years ago. I only just recently finished drafting the picture, and finalized the process by going over the whole thing with graphite pencils, in order to bring out the shadows and highlights threaded throughout the drawing.


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