September 2, 2010

Fallout Boy

This is actually a drawing of a two-page spread in The Fallout Boy Infinity On High album cover. So, in case you were wondering, no credit goes to me for making up the layout of this image- I do get points for the epic shading, however. Noticeably, Pete Wentz looks the best and Joe...well, I can explain that. This was a picture I wanted to publish in my high school's yearbook last year. When I went and fished it out from under my bed (I am not ashamed to admit that's where some of my artwork is kept for "safe-keeping") I realized that Joe's face was incomplete. The deadline for artwork that was to be submitted for consideration of being published in the Yearbook was the very next day. I hastily sketched a face- not necessarily his- and then busied myself with other things. Other things being homework, chores, making dinner, and probably some other drawing I was working on at the time. Although I told myself that I would fix it up during lunch period the next day, I didn't, so I ended up submitting it the way it was. 
  There's probably something I should have learned from this, like finish something once its started, or don't procrastinate, but I never ended up buying a Yearbook, so in return I wasn't forced to be reminded of my small guilt every time I reflected on the past year. Not that it looks that bad, I just feel like I could have done better if I had taken the time to actually finish it.


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