August 30, 2010


Some people look odd when you see them a certain way. Perhaps they're wearing something they would normally never wear, or have their hair up instead of down. Maybe they're wearing a hat, or make-up, or maybe it's who they're with or where they're at. There's just something about seeing somebody you thought you knew in a new light and realizing how different they are from your previously conceived notions. It works similarly with my characters and I. Just when I got used to drawing Ashli with her hair always in teased pigtails of curly locks, I draw her with her hair down and notice how shockingly odd a person with previously established norms looks once they've disregarded them completely. By this I mean how unusual your face might be shaped in comparison to your eyes once your hair is straightened. I've noticed that her once meant to be alluring anime eyes are actually more creepy than pretty. However, as I hastened to draw her in another art form (one that does not include ginormous pouty bug eyes) I realized she didn't look good with small eyes either. I'm still not quite sure what to do about the matter. I suppose that particular bridge will be crossed once I  reach  it.


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