August 30, 2010


For a very long time, I've wanted to write and illustrate my own comic book or graphic novel series. It was and is one of the things that keeps me continuously trying to illustrate new and interesting things. Instead of just creating multiple designs for a certain character structure, like hundreds of outfits for a female comic book character, I've always tried to stretch my abilities and to abstain from putting up limits to what my imagination can create. Since I've always kept an open mindset about possibilities, I have a multitude of stylized subcategories containing everything from anime guys wearing skinny jeans to comic styled-super chicks. I also have a vast collection of fan art inspired characters, from many, many different comic series. This particular character, named Caroline-Laweeze, is a skate-style inspired guy with a name that is a combination of two different girls names smashed together. It also happens to be the name of a friend of mine's ipod...He's one of my original characters, drawn in comic style with slight Japanese manga influence. There's more information regarding him in the graphic novel series I hope to one day publish. I can't give it away now. However, if all goes smoothly, I might publish the first pages of my graphic novel here, on my blog someday. Not today, and not tomorrow. But someday.


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