August 29, 2010

Making Nothing into Something

Every person has a stunningly individual back-story to accompany their unique personality. Likewise, every artwork, every sketch, and every image brought to life by a creator is an intricately weaved basket of thoughts, emotions, and experiences, or rather, it has a story its own, quite like every person. Whether or not they are aware that they are doing so, an artist leaves traces of themselves in each and every piece of work they produce, outlining a vague ghost of a different self: the person they are, the person they were, or the person they want to be. They reveal a side of themselves they may have never known to exist. Art is a form of self-expression. Many times certain feelings, understandings, aspirations or fears cannot be justly explained through words. That is the beauty of art. With it, we can easily and clearly capture these hard to describe nuances and portray them to an audience who can identify themselves with their interpretation of our precious works.

Considering such, even a simple piece such as this girl, which I drew and inked on a whim, could be harboring all sorts of complexities beneath its straight-forward surface. Then again, maybe I was just bored.


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