April 11, 2014

Working as a Freelance Writer

Despite my valiant efforts, extensive enthusiasm and outstanding diligence, my journey with the masses into the treacherous search for suitable employment went less than un-rewarded for a significantly depressing amount of time.

It was during this point of brooding when it occurred to me that while my enthusiasm towards art commissions had been somewhat diminished for the time being, that perhaps I could find work using one of my other skills--in this case, writing. Lo and behold, I was in luck. After researching and hunting down freelance writing jobs online, I finally landed a paying job that was right up my alley-- writing articles for the online art community at thalo.com.

If you love my blog and writing or are supportive of my artistic and creative endeavors, or maybe are an art enthusiast in general or are just plain curious as to what thalo is all about, go check it out. And please, don't just stop by to read what I have written; there are many other talented writers working to provide quality content on a wide range of art-related topics. Don't hesitate to wander around their site.

Below I've listed a short preview of some of my published articles and the links to the full articles on thalo.com. Feel free to have a look, "like," and share. From here on out, I'll be adding new articles to this initial list under a special standalone page located under the "Writing" tab on the home screen of this blog, which will be used as a point of reference for a complete list of my most up-to-date published writing pieces.

As always, comment, like, and share if you feel so inclined! Follow me on Twitter, "like" my facebook page, and add me to your circles on Google+. You know, as if you use Google+, because honestly, who does?

-Krystal Dawn

Crafts and Arts: A challenge of Perspective
"Arts and crafts" - It has become customary to see these two separate concepts in a state of constant comparison. The reality behind the individual nuances of each have dissipated over time; bound to each other by cliché, the fine line between the two has been blurred practically into nonexistence.

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The Other Renaissance Master
While the history books may remember the High Renaissance as having taken place during a brief span of 40 or so years, the consequences of this cultural "revival" that swept Italy and consequently engulfed all of Europe would continue to shape history beyond the 1400's.

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Oculus Rift: Redefining the Future of the Gaming Industry
It is beautiful, really. Somehow these two words seem strange, almost foreign. And yet, the name of what may be one of the most historically important developments in video game technologies rolls right off the tongue, like a snippet of steamy celebrity gossip.

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The Walking Dead: Slaughtering Zombies and Breaking Records

October 9th 2013 marked the 10 year anniversary of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore's provocative and trendsetting apocalyptic new cult classic, The Walking Dead. Avid fans of the emotionally enthralling zombie comic book turned controversial hit AMC television series had an appetite to rival that of the flesh-eating objects of their admiration; A hunger that was near insatiable, as was all too evident in their response to this highly-anticipated issue.

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